Saturday, September 23, 2017

Summer goals

Welp, we went apple picking last week so its really fall I guess. We had some summer goals, met with greater or lesser success. OBVIOUSLY like 'go to all the festivals' and 'go to the water slides' and etc. But like more minor goals.

Make ice cream

Eat ice cream that we did not ourselves make (I feel like we kind of biffed on this one; we only went to Coneheads TWICE and Geneva wasn't even along that second time, and we never made it to Birchwood Dairy or to that Moose place out in Yarrow that I had a coupon for, BUT at least we had Josie (!) with us for our Coneheads run)

Go to the lake so, so much

Go to the splash park so so much

Rent a canoe

Have rollkuchen

Eat breakfast on the deck every day for like WEEKS

Pick all the fruits:



blueberries in fact a couple of times

DID NOT PICK BLACKBERRIES what is wrong with us they are FREE

And THEN I was like, I'm gonna make a good dessert out of each summer fruit, but aside from some baller peach fritters I made one day, and a few peach pies I threw in my freezer, and one black-and-blueberry pie I made out of last year's freezer leavings, I miffed this one too!

Anyhoo. Now it is fall. Time to go jump in some leaves.

Saturday, September 09, 2017


Oh help, baby Eleanor is off to kindergarten.

(I mean, eventually. This gradual entry business is going to kill me and I don't know how working parents do it because Geneva had swim lessons from 9:30-10 and then Eleanor had school from 10:30 to 12 and those don't even overlap but I was still like HOW WILL I LIVE.)

Anyway. She picked her first-day outfit, and refused to wear her new boots to her teacher meeting yesterday because she wanted them CLEAN for her first actual day, the one where I take a picture.

'Take a picture of my cool backpack, and my braid.'

'Come be in my picture with me, Geneva!'

You scamp.

She is v v v excited, but also sad that she won't see me all day, every day anymore. Basically sad that she can't live two lives.

We dropped her off, and then Geneva and I trudged home in the rain (suddenly it is fall!) and then I tucked her bones in with some books and just, like, puttered for an hour, we had some tea, and then it was time to go back.

It has literally been 90 minutes, you jokers.


This is gonna be be a big year for us all.

Saturday, September 02, 2017

We ran 5K

Well. We WALKED 5k. Geneva rode on my back for at least half of 5k.

But the REST of these jokers.


(It was a unicorn-themed run omg)

You guys are so cool.

A little bit of yellow.

A little bit of bubbles.

A little bit of pink.

A little bit of extra purple here at the end.



You guys are a WRECK.

Look at all these filthy persons.

Get you some of that free soda water, Geneva.

(Not pictured: the greenish bath water, the state of my tub.)

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

2nd Annual means it's tradition

Time for the Cousin Trip To The Cultus Lake Adventure Park Before Summer Ends All Of A Sudden!


Right away the attendant at the swings is like, You can't go on this because pregnant. I'm like...On the SWINGS. Or like on any of them. He's like...I assume on any of them?

So I watched that one from the cheap seats, and then I went to TALK TO AN ADORABLE BABY RIDE SUPERVISOR NAMED CLAYTON who was like, You are an adult, make your own choices, let them know I said it was fine, maybe don't go on the Bucking Broncos or the Windmill Drop but like if you want to, fine.

I went on that hecking Windmill Drop, that shit is awesome.

But look at these two! So old enough now that we are like, No thank you the spinning on that one will make us queasy before our time, you guys go it alone.

Walked over for sushi for dinner to help weigh down our stomachs, Eleanor is still working on chopsticks.

These two are either fighting or besties, they have no in-between settings.

When I was talking to Clayton, he was helpfully like, Oh the big roller coaster is actually way smoother than the smaller, jerky one. So I managed to talk Eleanor into it AND THEN WE RODE IT LIKE SIX MORE TIMES.

And then we went to Coneheads to sing How Far I'll Go into our rainbow sherbets.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

We are becoming mountain people

Every time we get to the lake in the evening, I'm like, The rest of my day up until now has been a waste.

And we went to Dinotown this morning!

And it was amazing!

But, like...the lake.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Vancouver Days

Joel and I carved out a day for ourselves a few weekends ago, dropped the kids off with my parents, and then drove into the city and straight to Tacofino.


Then we rented bikes and biked around the seawall, which never gets less beautiful.

And it's blackberry season!

Thence to Granville Island for a walkaround and some donuts

and another donut for the road.

And thence to the Richmond Night Market for a rotato

some Phnom Penh wings

some Super Good Cup Chicken

(which was, at best, regular good)

a Bao Bun (a fried bun with a slab of ice cream wedged inside)

some soft tofu with diced mango and ginger syrup

and a box of noodles from the Sauce Boss to go.

We stayed overnight in Surrey and had a quiet, child-free continental breakfast the next morning

before picking up our hooligan children. Summertiiiiiiiiiiime!